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Advertising - From the Broadcast Commercial to Web Ads to Print Campaigns we analyze your product or message and combine creativity with the scientifically tested templates of award winning ads to create advertising that motivates the viewer.

Branding - Legitimize your business with the look of a Fortune 500. Beyond the logo, we develop your brand and simplify your message to make an impression with the first glance.

Production - Hands on and in house. We not only create in house marketing materials, but maintain the contacts and relationships to manage large scale production of multi-platform campaigns bringing our budgets in often 30% below the competition.

Public Relations - Events, media placement, strategy, interview prep, presentations, press relations, and anything else involving engaging the public and media gatekeepers.
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"You have a dream."
We quantify success whether it is sales, persuasion, or passion
Once we know the destination, we develop the "CB" Creative Brief to act as a map to fulfilling your dream Relax as EMP goes to work for you! Sell 10,000 Widgets?
Persuade 20,000 Voters?
Inform 100,000 Citizens?
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